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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Bangladesh sounds a warning

The Kiwis came to the Carribean riding high on the waves of three consecutive and convincing victories over the Australians. They were the ones responsible for pushing Australia off the throne that is the No.1 ranking in one-day international cricket. And now, they have been defeated by Bangladesh - labelled 'minnows' (Test status doesn't make them 'not minnows').

With all the talk going around questioning the logic about having 'the minnows' in the World Cup, there undoubtedly has been a tendency to underestimate these teams. Bangladesh has been around for some time now and so have the Kenyans. Maybe now is the time to realize that these teams may have enough stuff to atleast effect a surprise win every now and then. I mean New Zealand will not want this repeating in the World Cup.

Makes me think: What if Bangladesh surprises India? Maybe I am being paranoid but thay have done it before. Its only a matter of one good day for them and one bad day for us. And then they defeat Bermuda. India is out with only a solitary win!!! We sure don't want the minnows playing....

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