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Friday, March 9, 2007

All in a few weeks time

It was not a while ago when I made this post when Australia was slowly dragging England to a cricketing death. In less than four weeks time however, England, in conjunction with the New Zealand cricket team, have gone on to reverse the tides on the Australians. While you cannot really say for sure that Australian cricket is heading into it's evening, you will probably have noticed that they are not considered the favourites anymore. Talks of a World Cup open to all is abundant and the Australian captain Ricky Ponting is taking pains to tell the world that they are the "team to beat". All this in a few weeks time.

The English cricket team after the Ashes debacle and after the later mauling recieved during the first half of the one-day series in Australia was labelled 'hopeless' (and probably undeserving of test status!). Now even this team is deemed to have a good chance. All this in a few weeks time.

The New Zealand cricket team was not exactly grabbing headlines. They, after the convincing and extremely deserving 3-0 victory over the then favourite Australians, are now regarded as one of the serious frontliners for the title of World champions. All this in a few weeks time.

The Indians were utterly out of form and confidence. Senior players Sachin & Sehwag were not exactly setting the cricket field on fire. Yuvraj was out with an injury and looking improbable for the World Cup. The bowling, with the exception of Zaheer Khan, was not looking dangerous at all. Within a space of 7 matches at home everyone is scoring well. Agarkar & Munaf are among wickets & Yuvraj is back to his best both at point as also with a bat in hand on the 22 yards at the centre. All this in a few weeks time.

Everyone is now even stevens, as the expression goes. The stage is set. And again in a few weeks time(maybe a little more) we will have a (hopefully new) World Champion that will take the title of 'the team to beat'. India, maybe!!!

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