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Monday, January 22, 2007

India won. West Indies lost. Thats all.

India won. Ganguly played well in an ideally scripted comeback innings (except for having fallen 2 runs short of a wonderfully well deserved century). The pitch was a total belter. I mean when even Dravid could thrash the cricket ball around for clean sixes on a regular basis, the pitch has to be nothing short of a scorcher! I bet Sehwag would have been smacking his lips at home!

Now, we should understand that this match is no indication of things to come. We have to understand that Indian cricket is only as predictable as a drunkard's ramblings and that this match itself could have gone the West Indian way on another day (What if that run-out chance against Dhoni was not missed?). In other words, to warrant a safe bet about the Indian cricket team coming good in the World Cup, we should have done a lot better, especially so in the bowling department. We were way too expensive. Sreesanth and Agarkar were ducks in a pond. Zaheer, though is getting more and more impressive and looks a lot like a man on a mission - to be one of the best bowlers in world cricket. The self motivation is obvious as is the pride with which he values the India cap. Way ta go Zaheer bhai!

Bhajji was all guile and great to watch but again really couldnt plug the flow of runs(really, Anil Kumble is the man for such occasions. He is a master at frustrating the batsman with precise bowling and making the most of the resulting pressure induced on the batsman. Mind games are so important in cricket. Sadly, the selectors think otherwise).

As for India's batting the effort was good, but still not very convincing. With wickets in hand and a beautiful and fast scoring opening partnership having happened we could have done with some risks in the middle overs. Well, if the West Indians could come so close, the Aussies would have cleaned us up.

All said and done, I think the cricketers from the Carribean have a nice team stitched up. With some good hitters in the middle order and also the advantage of "home-conditions" they could well be the dark horses in the World Cup.


omar said...

To be honest, I don't know how much one can judge the bowling from these kinds of pitches. So you're right in essence...We don't really know if India is out of a slump or not. But its a good win!

Ananth said...

yeah. You are right omar. One really cannot be too critical of the bowlers on such pitches. Yet if your bowlers give away over 320 runs you cannot help but be critical!
And yes, a win is always a win!

Linda Muliana said...

Hi Ananth, it's been a long time i didn't hear you since the last riddle.. :) it's good to hear from you again..but i just realized that lately i've been surrounded by people who seems very crazy about cricket, the sport that people don't do in my country and i have no idea about this at all.. :) anyway, have a nice day ananth and feel free if you want another riddle hehehe