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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Gibbs and South African cricket's quota system

South African cricket just refuses to drop Gibbs. The match-fixing scandal in India he got involved in, the case of racial abuse charge slammed against him and the recent run of horrid form he went through are all classic cases where it seems like the player is almost begging to be done away with.

But no said the South African cricket selectors. We will not keep you out. You will be banned for a few games but you will be back.

Now, I doubt if Gibbs would have recieved the same treatment had he been a white man. It could very well be possible that the South Africans want Gibbs in the cricket team since his ouster would mean another good 'coloured' batsman, who may be hard to come by, needs to be found. In short his presence is necessary only to fill in the gaps.

So the question is : Is it ethical to keep a cheater, also charged of racial abuse, in the national team only to satisfy a quota system which ironically is in place to counter this very same racism in cricket?


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Linda Muliana said...

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Anonymous said...

The racial abuse was invoked by some racial abuse from the unruly pakistani crowd first. It is because of these circumstances that he was dropped for only 2 test matches by ICC and not south african board. As far as maintaining the ethics of the game,there are many more Indian players who have taken bribe and nothing has been done against them. There were some other players also who were involved in the same match fixing scandal viz. Klusener and Boje. They both were given the chance to play but just could not capitalise and Klusener was white too.