Monday, October 23, 2006

Champions trophy predictions - This is what the **stars** say

Matches that have already happened

Sri Lanka v Bangladesh                                                                   
Sri Lanka won by 37 runs                                                   

West Indies v Zimbabwe
West Indies won by 9 wkts

Sri Lanka v Zimbabwe
Sri Lanka won by 144 runs

W Indies v Bangladesh
West Indies won by 10 wkts

Bangladesh v Zimbabwe
Bangladesh won by 101 rns

Sri Lanka v West Indies
Sri Lanka won by 9 wickets

India v England
India won by 4 wickets

New Zealand v Sth Africa
N Zealand won by 87 runs

Pakistan v Sri Lanka
Pakistan won by 4 wickets

Australia v West Indies
West Indies won by 10 runs

New Zealand v Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka won by 7 wickets

Australia v England
Australia won by 6 wickets


Games that are yet to happen

South Africa v Sri Lanka
Ahmedabad - 24 Oct

New Zealand v Pakistan
Mohali - 25 Oct

India v West Indies
Ahmedabad - 26 Oct

Pakistan v South Africa
Mohali - 27 Oct

England v West Indies
Ahmedabad - 28 Oct

India v Australia
Mohali - 29 Oct

1st Semifinal
Mohali - 1 Nov

2nd Semifinal
Jaipur - 2 Nov

Mumbai - 5 Nov




My predictions – lets see what happens


South Africa v Sri Lanka
Ahmedabad - 24 Oct                       Sri Lanka wins

New Zealand v Pakistan
Mohali - 25 Oct                               New Zealand wins

India v West Indies
Ahmedabad - 26 Oct                       India Wins

Pakistan v South Africa 
Mohali - 27 Oct                               Pakistan wins               

England v West Indies
Ahmedabad - 28 Oct                       West Indies win

India v Australia
Mohali - 29 Oct                                India wins

1st Semifinal                                      will be between West Indies and Sri Lanka
Mohali - 1 Nov                                  Sri Lanka wins

2nd Semifinal                                     will be between India and New Zealand
Jaipur - 2 Nov                                    India win

Final                                                   will be between  India and Sri Lanka
Mumbai - 5 Nov                                  India win and lift the Champions Trophy


What do you have to say?




Friday, October 20, 2006

Murali's magic.

Cricket News :  Today was the 5th match of the Champions Trophy between Sri Lanka and New Zealand. New Zealand recieved a drubbing at the hands of Sri Lanka as the Lankans cruised to victory after having achieved the target of 166 with 14 overs to spare losing only 3 wickets.]

                          And today was the day when a left handed Jacob Oram got bowled behind his legs (not around) as the ball pitched on mid stayed straight and hit middle while Oram was playing for the turn with his bat planted on the off stump line.. He looked quite silly . But the ball Murali bowled looked magnificient and just perfect. The line, length, amount of tweak eveything. Thus continued Murali as he grabbed 4 wickets and devastated the Kiwi batting line-up.

                         But the Kiwis had a face saviour too – Daniel Vettori. His little cameo of 46* saw NZ cross the 160s which seemed impossible when they were about 125 / 9.

                          But still 166 proved grossly insufficient as Sri Lanka sailed through with Jayawardene and Tharanga playing pivotal innings.

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Why doesn't Gayle smile?

Cricket news : Lemme be frank. I didn’t expect the West Inidans to win. Up against a strong Australian side, they really put up a good performance with Lara leading upfront. I think the highlight of the match was the tight bowling of Samuels and Gayle as much as the heroics of Lara and the Taylor hat-trick.

              Okay the pitch did deteriorate and all that stuff which helped the West Indians. But all said and done the team really looked good and in a fighting spirit. Especially Gayle who seemed unusually irked by something all through the game. I dont know how Gayle manages to be so serious and grim even when the team has won and with all his teammates smiling around him. He really is a comic figure really. I couldnt help laughing even as Gayle was behaving like as though smiling was banned by the ICC. All said and done he is a great man, a solid team player who will really contribute somehow or the other. What a guy! Heee Heee..Hoo..Hooo..Haaa…Haaa..Oh sorry just remembered Gayle’s face when the Windies won.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What a guy is Razzaq!!!!!!!

Pak win the match by 4 wickets and 11 balls to spare.

Cricket news : Razzaq! Wowww! He is a merciless butcher. Pak is struggling, needing more than 7 runs per over with not many wickets in hand, when Razzaq strides in. He whacks a few sixes, a few fours and suddenly the match is finished. Chaminda Vaas got smeared with cream and sauce and then devoured. One Vaas over gave some 15 odd runs that turned the match. Of course the 15 runs included a Razzaq super six and a fabulous four.

                         The Lankans made 253 riding on a quickfire start by Sanath Jayasuriya who scored 48 of 35 balls. But Pak got 255 in style riding on “you know who’s”  back. Shoaib Malik too impressed with a mature and skillful performane on the field. But Razzaq O! Razzaq! What a fella he is.    

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Oct.16th ICC Champions trophy Match 2 :
The Kiwis claim victory over SA in another low scoring match.
Signs of a dry tournament to be?

Cricket News : An inspired captain's knock by Stephen Fleming and a sterling performance by the Kiwi bowlers saw New Zealand through in a low scoring encounter against South Africa at Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai today.  
                               I have always liked Stephen Fleming for his gentlemanly ways and thinking captaincy. And today his innings was a treat to watch. Any one can easily make out that the conditions were not very congenial to batting - what with scores like 195 & 108 (The SA score - out of which 42 were scored by Smith). With batsmen tumbling all round him (like "bicycles in a cycle stand" as Mr.Navjot Sidhu would put it) Fleming shone like a lone star in the darkness. His 89 really lifted the kiwis from deeeeeep depths thus rewarding him with a well deserved Player of the Match Award.
                              People expected the South Africans to cruise home in style. Instead they bruised themselves with some pathetic batting. The New Zealand bowlers bowled with zeal, Kyle Mills especially. Mills removed 3 top order batsmen and then there was no looking back for the Kiwis. For some brief moments when a free scoring Smith was at the crease, the South Africans did look like being in with a chance. But oin comes Oram to get Fleming to spoon
one to a thankful Vettori at mid-off. Oram, Patel and Mills got 3 wickets each while Vettori could manage only one. The other bowler Franklin had to go wicketless. The South Africans were bundled out for a meek 108 giving NZ the first blood for them.

Get a detailed report of the match here : Cricinfo
                                                                                  Cricket Next

Akhtar, Asif to be sent back home to pak after failing doping test

Cricket News :
 The Pakistan board has decided to send Akhtar and Asif back home after they failed to pass an internal dope test. Akhtar has of course denied this vehemently.
Well...........I always wondered where Shoaib Akhtar got all his stamina from. :-)
                    It is sad though that the tournament will miss players of such calibre who can spruce up a dead match with their performances.
                   Sri Lanka who'll play Pak on the 17th should consider themselves lucky. Right?


Sunday, October 15, 2006

YO! The men in blue impress!

Cricket flash : What a first match for India!!!! It could have been better though, had we not lost 6 wickets on the way to a well earned victory. Everything seemed to be going right for the Indians right from the toss. Rahul Dravid walked in with Flintoff 
for the toss and called. Rahul won. But the decision to field first was a 
surprise. Perhaps the dew factor influenced his decision. Whatever be 
the case, he was proved right. England succumbed to the Indian bowlers 
and managed to set a meek target of only 126 runs for the Indians to 
chase down. With the exception of Collingwood and to an extend Pietersen 
none of the English batsmen impressed. 

On the other hand the Indian bowlers were real damn superb. Each one of
them - excepting agarkar who was unlucky I think - had decent figures to
show. Munaf who went on t0 bag the Man of the Match award was the best.
The others too  - Pathan, Powar, Agarkar, Harbhajan - were very accurate
and impressive. Powar and Munaf got 3 wickets apiece while Pathan and Bhajji got 2 & 1 respectively.

Sachin back in form

What was most heart warming was to see Sachin bat so fluently. Boundaries 
today flowed out of his willow almost at will. He was unfortunate to have been
 trapped LBW by a ball that stayed really low after a quick 35. Pathan was 
good in streaks. Yuvraj Singh too contributed. Read about the match at Cricinfo

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

West Indies crumble. Sri Lanka strikes a hard blow.
Maharoof stars.

Cricket flash :          What is happening to the Windies? The West Indies - Sri Lanka match was to be the first 'real' match of the tournament. Instead it turned out to be the most lop-sided match of the tournament so far. The scores are, I should say, shocking. West Indies were bowled out for a paltry 80 ina a mere 30 overs.
                                   The Lankans then come out and score the needful in a quick 13.2 overs. Jayasuriya and Jayawardene scored 45 and 34 resp at about a run a ball, the only aberration in the lankan innings being the wicket of Upul Tharanga, who got out for nought off the first ball he faced (dragging an Edwards delivery to his stumps).

                                   The West Indian innings was more a parade than a batting display with batsmen coming and going in quick succession. The highest scorer for them was Hinds with 28 of 86 deliveriieeessss. Get the full scorecard at cricinfo here :
                                    What is happening to the Windies? They do have stuff in them what with players like lara, gayle, chander, sarwan among others. But something is not going right for them. Lets pray to God for this to be a one-off game for them. If the West Indies too turn into mere sacrificial lambs, what fun would be left in cricket with only a handful of competitive teams?

Cricket flash :            Bangladesh posted a win against Zimbabwe yesterday. Someone had to win after all.

Cricket flash :            What is wrong between the BCCI and the ICC. Modi od BCCI makes some remarks about some contract with the ICC. Malcolm speed of the ICC hits back with some sharp words. Now the BCCI is threatening a pull out? Wow, cricket is a gentleman's game allright. That doesn't apply to the administrators, I guess.


Friday, October 13, 2006

Why do these matches happen at all?

The teams who qualified into the champions trophy are Sri Lanka and West Indies. I am damn sure every guy knew this a long time ago. Zimbabwean team formation involves more politics than Indian elections I guess. Bangladesh is a hopeless team which will "learn from its losses" till eternity.

No one is interested in these matches. The results are known and the matches are too one-sided. Do such matches happen only in cricket? Such a beautiful and interesting game suddenly turns so lacklustre and irritating. These are the freckles that mar the beauty of cricket.

The argument is that how else are the minnows going to learn if they dont play matches against the better teams. Not a bad point actually. Let them learn. Meanwhile let me have a nap and wait for a better match on Oct 15th.

Cricket flash : As type this two well matched teams are fighting for.....well nothing. Some pride maybe and some prize money. The teams : Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. I know you dont care what the scores are but just for the sake of some information...Bangladesh seems to be in an ok position : 205/5 in 45.3. Some guy called Shahriar Nafees has scored a century. God bless him!


Thursday, October 12, 2006

Gibbs - The dude in question!

Cricket flash : After a long time Herschelle Gibbs arrives in India. And of course what had to happen happened. He was grilled by the Delhi Police for over two hours regarding the match fixing fiasco. Looks like he has revealed three SA names to the police and the police now want to question them. We dont mind this at all, do we?, as long as cricket is not affected. Lagey Raho Delhi Police.

Cricket flash : The BCCI vice-president (who cares what his name is) blasts out against the ICC regarding something in the Member's Participation Agreement. Something in it that would mean lesser money for the people in BCCI, I guess. I cant understand and nor do I want to know what exactly all this hue and cry is about, but God! hope this thing does not mar the Champions Trophy all set to commence on 15th. What do you say?

Cricket flash : By the way Windies won the qualifier against Bang damn easily. Gayle(what a player!) scored an excellent century. They won by 10 wickets. Some 165 odd for no loss. The other guy was Chanderpaul with a typical Chanderpaul fifty of 100 odd baaaaaaaaaallllllls.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The champions trophy! Happenning in India!

I've not blogged for quite some days now. My net connecition was down.
Meanwhile all these days a lot has been happening.

Cricket flash : Sri Lanka beats Bangladesh quite easily(Surprise! Surprise!) .But it was actually quite a surprise, the way Bangladesh batted. They loooked OK I should say. Good luck to them.

Cricket flash : And SriLanka beats Zimbabwe too, this time even more easily. Upul Tharanga stars in both these matches with back to back centuries. He is not bad you know. The whole Lankan team is not bad, but of late I think they have slipped. Good players are few and far between. But when they are good, they are really good. Sangakkara, Atapattu, Jayasuriya, Murali, Jayawardene all these guys on their days,can wreak havoc on the field. But they can't fire every match, can they? And precisely here lies Sri Lanka's problem.

Cricket flash : Meanwhile the West Indies are playing Bangladesh today. Bang were some 80/1 from where the have slipped to some 170 odd all-out. Sad. The West Indies we know are quite capable of bettering Bang as far as a batting collapse is concerned. So the match is still open. Remains to be seen what happens........


Friday, October 6, 2006

Countdown to the champions trophy
Cricket flash : The teams are trickling into India. Warm up matches are happening. Srilanka and Zimbabwe won some practice matches. Yes you read that right..Zimbabwe won a match..sounds unbeleivable. The defending champs West Indies have arrived.

Cricket flash : PCA complains against BCCI for imposing matches on Punjab CA. Less revenue is what they hold against the BCCI. But things seem to be ironing out.

Cricket flash : Meanwhile I dont have high hopes of India doing too well. The team has been struggling and each victory is going to be herculean...going by the recent results. Anyway lets hope for the best.


Thursday, October 5, 2006

The HAIRy controversy

Cricket flash : God knows what more can happen to the game of cricket. Hair calls Inzy for ball-tampering. Inzy refuses to take the field after tea-time. England which is sure to lose the match is declared winner.

Some time later....Inzy is cleared of ball-tampering charges. However he is charged with disturbing the game and awarded a 4 match ban. Meanwhile Hair "drops out" of the Championship Trophy. Cricket never ceases to create gossip. Does it?


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