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Monday, December 11, 2006

When money seems bigger than cricket....

The stinking sewers behind the beautiful monument called cricket:

This article had me feeling sick in the stomach. 

Come what may, cricket retains the loyalty of the Indian sponsor. Despite the Men in Blue turning in a series of uninspiring performances, industry sources estimate that the country would be contributing as much as $800 million out of $1.1 billion -the ESPN-Star Sports bid value which won ICC’s global broadcast rights from late 2007 to 2015.

‘‘It is true that the biggest market for cricket is in Asia and India is a very important partner,’’ an ICC spokesperson told TOI on Sunday.

‘‘The broadcaster will get maximum returns from Indian sponsors. About 94% (close to $800 million) of $850 million from the sub-continent is expected to come from India in 7 years with 155 days of live cricket (165 matches going by current schedule).’’ an industry source said.

Makes me feel like some cheap casino slot machine. Yuck. ICC should have kept these gory details to themselves.


Daniel Thompson said...

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I spent a little time looking at your blog and enjoyed it. Cricket isn't very popular in America. My knowledge is pretty limited, but I did see the movie Lagaan and I read once that the last four digits of my phone number, 1774, was when the rules of cricket were formalised.

I would like to learn more, I'll have to check back once in a while.

Thanks, Daniel Thompson

omarhaq said...

well - these are the consequences of a global sport - there aree advantages too. lets just hope the people in charge keep the game in mind before their aims become financial...

Ananth said...

And who are these people in charge? mindless politicians who couldnt care less about the sport and are in there only for the money. we need to hope aginst hope.

But ur right. These are things that we need to expect and reconcile to.

Homer said...

dovetails nicely with your comment on my blog ( re. cricinfo moving to India). did u read jayaditya gupta's article on the cricinfo website? he raises a pertinent question that if India starts underperforming, and Indian eyeballs are lost in the process, will ESPN - Star be able to recover thier monies?