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Friday, December 15, 2006

What will Ganguly and Laxman do?

India's test cricket series against the South Africans begins today and all eyes are on Sourav Ganguly. He is hardly India's trump card, yet there is something in the air that makes me feel that one good match for him here and it will rub of on the whole team.

We have always come to expect good things from Dravid. If Sachin or Sehwag does well it will only mean they are back to good times. But if Ganguly can get a big one, it will be a massive statement, almost analogous to the rise from the ashes of the mythical Pheonix.

Another man in a slightly similar situation is VVS Laxman. He has been a very unreliable batsman who can come up with world class knocks on one day and fail wretchedly in the next. I can only hope for this match to be one of his better ones.

As far as the bowling selections are concerned, I think we have a very strong bowling unit much on the lines of what I had envisaged. Harbhajan’s omission was predictable. And Kumble will surely play a huge role in the whole series as also the others to come. Too bad Munaf in unavailable.

On paper it’s a world class cricket team with players you can only dream about. Yet on the field one can only keep their fingers crossed and hope for the best.


Amit Bajaj said...

i guess ganguly and laxman have provided you with your answers..ananth, i don't quite understand your harshness on this duo..it's sehwag & tendulkar who seem to be bigger culprits.

Ananth said...

What makes you think I was harsh on them, amit? I didnt mean to be harsh at all. I was only trying to stress on the importance of a good outing for the two batsmen, both from the point of view of their confidence as well as the team's spirit.
And yes both have done very well. Thanks to them and the bowlers esp Sreesanth India can look forward to a very rare overseas victory.