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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Unravelling Indian cricket's greatest enigma

Here is a question that poses itself in front of everyone who has been following Indian cricket for the past year or so: Is Sachin's cricketing career converging to an end?

I have asked myself this question a few times and quite frankly, I have got no answer. Sachin’s batting form has really been a mystery to unravel. People say he is short of confidence. Short of confidence for such a long time? Very unlikely. A professional cricketer like Sachin surely cannot take more than a year sorting out problems in his head. Then what is it? Aging? Dwindling reflexes? Or just pure bad luck?

Thinking logically, ‘aging’ and ‘dwindling reflexes’ again seem very unconvincing arguments. Look at Brain Lara. Past 36 and yet going strong. What is it that he has got that Sachin hasn’t? And it is not that Sachin has not been able to put bat to ball at all. The first match in the ongoing India-SA cricket series had a Sachin taking it to Makhaya Ntini of whom he played such exquisite strokes that Ntini for no fault of his, was reduced to a mere school-boy with a lollipop in his mouth. But then, just as I thought “here is the 16 year old vanquisher of bowlers that we know”, he decided to go down without as much as a flicker in the next three matches. Quite an enigma, is he.

So, as of now, the only other reason that I can possibly think of is this: bad luck. Yes, that is the reason. I know it sounds strange and very amateurish but give me a better reason if you can.

And as I come to the end of this post I again have the same old question hovering before my eyes: Is Sachin's cricketing life converging to an end?

You want an answer? I'll tell you what. Just take a look at this little clip at the end of the post. Combine what you see with this adage oft quoted in cricket circles  that says Class is permanent and you have the answer!


Stone said...

Somebody please show this to Sachin too!

omarhaq said...

its a good video - though a couple of boudaries were on full tosses, one still needs to maximize.

i think sachin's role has changed from an attacker to a grafter. he may be younger than lara, but he's been playing this sport way longer. i am sure he'd like to go back his distructive ways, but i think he should play according to the situation. he isn't really out of form and i doubt its confidance. he's been playing for so many years, with success, so im sure he knows how to get out of this dry run.

...maybe it is luck

Anonymous said...

This makes no sense at all.Did you say..BAD LUCK????


Voila. YOu've unravelled Sachin and all his problems of the past.


If class is permanent..he must be showing that class everytime, right?

I could pull out video clips of Agarkar/Bhajji/Zaheer/Srinath whacking the bowling around, post it and just say they've been out of 'luck' for a really really long time.

Luck- there ain't no such thing.

Ananth said...

yeah omar, Sachin's role has changed. I bet he knows that and he has tried grafting and I should say, has failed miserably.

and mr.anonymous, i know what you mean. There is no such thing as bad luck. Infact I feel quite silly saying that (i had mentioned that too). But as I said I cannot think of any other reason at all. can you? I mean how can a person once tagged as the best batsman in the world come down to such depths? Very very intriguing. There cannot be any better reason for such a sudden turn of events other than mere ill fortune, is what I feel.
And about Agarkar & co., dont tell me you are trying to compare them with Sachin. That was only one video. I cant be posting every video of Sachin in my blog.

omarhaq said...

though i have to say - those are some wicket shots

short of a length, outside off, whacked over mid wicket!

thats attractive