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Monday, December 11, 2006

The muttaiah muralitharan run-out issue

Cricket's bizzare moment:
What happened was this(from the commentary at cricinfo) : "Sangakkara whips that down to fine leg and the single brings up his century, but Murali touched down at the striker's end, turned around and left his crease to congratulate Sangakkara, the throw came in and McCullum whipped off the bails to run-out Murali, what a way for the innings to end. The ball was not dead and Murali should not have left his crease, it's all very unfortunate for Sri Lanka."

It was bizarre and something very rare. Yet it was very much within the ambit of cricket laws and rules. Muralidharan was certainly out. But the debate out there seems to be whether New Zealand was justified in appealing for the wicket or should they have just left Murali to celebrate with Sanga.

Opinion seems to be divided. In fact I am quite surprised that opinion is divided. I did not watch the match but from what I hear and read it really does seem like Murali has made a fool of himself.

How many times have batsmen scored centuries and how many times has the non-striker run over to congratulate the centurion, in each case first making sure of his own safety. A batsman must guard his wicket first and then think of anything else. In a game such as cricket where a team wins only at the cost of the other you cannot expect the other team to be compassionate and benevolent towards you. This is a competitive game where every player is hell bent on winning. Would NZ have forgiven themselves if the partnership had gone on to effect their defeat? You can call it cowardice, desperation or anything but New Zealand have got a win, while playing within the game’s rules, and at the end of the day that is what should matter for every player playing for his country. We don’t have saints here. These are hardcore professionals out there.

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Phillip Molly Malone said...

I always thought you were only out if you were attempting a run, but looking at the law thats not the case . It is in the laws, questionable if it is in the spirt. Poor Murli, he always cops it!