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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Maybe Ganguly's ouster from the Indian cricket team was only for the good

I cant remember the last time Ganguly played the role of an anchor on a paceman friendly track with such unpredictable bounce and threatening seam movement. And when was the last time you saw a Ganguly trying to stretch himself to the limits trying (atleast trying) to catch a totally uncatchable cricket ball? He couldn’t hold on to the catch at the deep square leg boundary because it was impossible but he tried.

Clearly, there is a very perceptible change in the ‘Prince of Kolkata’. The prince is now, very sportingly, willing to do the boring yet vital task of the common man. He is willing to work his back out, concentrate every moment and fight for every a single run. The fiery determination is obvious, and out from that determination sprouted some beautiful cricketing strokes that are the mark of an artist at work.

I had mulled over how Ganguly and Laxman will fare and quite evidently they have done well. Of course this is not the end and the good work should go on…….

Sreesanth, Dhoni and Nel

If VRV Singh’s performance in the practice game was impressive, he didn’t get much chance to show his cricketing skills here in the first innings. This was thanks to a certain Sreesanth who managed to grab a fiver with accurate and pacy bowling; two attributes not often attributed to Indian speedsters. How often do we see 7 wickets falling even before the spinner is brought on? The fact that this happened in this game reflects how good India’s fast bowlers have fared.

And what about Dhoni and Nel? Well, actually I see a Dhoni-Nel battle coming tomorrow. They had some interesting exchanges in the one-day series. Nel, as usual, barked something to Dhoni and Dhoni replied with a beautiful six. Nel again barked and was promptly smashed for an electrifying boundary. Later Nel caused Dhoni’s dismissal with a superb catch. Now, Dhoni will be at the crease tomorrow and is already looking damn aggressive and dangerous for the South Africans. Nel will be fresh and charged up. Will be very interesting to watch.
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