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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Jaunty Monty gets a bounty!

It's official. A selection blunder has cost England two matches(atleast one) in one of cricket's foremost contests. It is now obvious that Monty Panesar's presence, especially in the second match, could have had England in a much better position than of now.

The respect and admiration that I feel for the Superb Sardar cannot be described in words. His very first Ashes match. A huge stage with loads of expectations. Relentless Aussie sledging. The man soaks in all that like a sponge and comes out with a sterling performance worthy of a Shane Warne or a Muttaiah Muralidharan. You think I am going overboard with my praise? Maybe. But Monty, let me tell you something. You have a fan for life. 

And as for Ashley Giles. He should be taking the Boje way out of cricket. I better get a farewell post ready.

Oye! Balle Balle!


omarhaq said...

its more than just cricket - its his attitude the game.

he makes it fun..and he makes mistakes... makes him endearing

ugyen said...

I wonder what's wrong with the England selector, Monty should be playing instead of Ashley Giles... the result would have been different, Giles should take Boje way(i agree )