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Thursday, December 7, 2006

Ganguly - the messiah of Indian cricket?

W Jaffer lbw b Hayward 0 3
V Sehwag b Morkel 0 1
VVS Laxman c Kemp b Morkel 23 61
SR Tendulkar c Kemp b Morkel 10 27
SC Ganguly not out 70 121
MS Dhoni c van Wyk b Morkel 6 13
IK Pathan not out 54 88

Looks like Ganguly's inclusion has paid off. Good for him and for Indian cricket.  Dont know about Chappell though (Cant help taking a dig at this guy).



Sankalp said...

The problem with Indian Cricket is this stupid politics and this idiotic selection.
MOreover, none of our "legends" have any self respect. They want to play as long as they become so terrible that they have to be asked to leave. Kapil Dev's average(bowling) fell by 4 runs ( from 25 to close to 30) but he kept playing in the pursuit of the stupid record. India kept letting him play. HUGE PROBLEM WITH OUR INDIA-HUMAN WORSHIP-INDIVIDUAL OVER TEAM- POLITICS AND MONEY OVER RESULTS.
Ganguly's inclusion is just the same. Even if he does well it just goes to show how pathetic the state of cricket is.
One forty odd score, few failrues for the new stars does not justify a Ganguly's recall.
Really sad. Hope this nonsense changes and the focus becomes on how to make us the best team.

Sam said...


Well we saw when Saurav scored 100’s in Zimbawawe and won the series very convincingly , He was asked to step down as captain and the reason given was slow scoring rate and the Coaches dislike for him. The Coach made a public email about his dislike for Saurav. But this Man kept his honour kept the Indian dignity and showed strength and courage. He was further humiliated by excluding him from the Indian Team, though he scored more runs than his peers in the team, he was kept out by a cotrie . He did not go for an eye for an eye,which at his one verbal instructruction would have devastaded the cricketing eastablishment. It could have seen more devastating effects , much more than what Iraq or Hiroshima has seen.
Even after the show of middle finger by the Coach when his exclusion was protested, The whole Stadium cried in unision and filled the homes of every Indian and South african Fan with chants about the grave injustice that was melted out. The Injustice was melted out by a few because: because he dared to stand against our competitors, He wanted to build a Team that were world beaters, Just because he loved INDIA . He chose a dignified manner to to speak with honesty and with all integrity and humility which was his cricket. He has not flinched for a moment and has made us very very proud.

It is time we who love this guy have to return this favour.

For all those who read this post say in yor mind “I love you Dada”.