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Monday, December 4, 2006

Chappell speaks.....

Cricket coach's cracks :

“We set out to bat as well as we could and make sure we batted 50 overs, which we managed to do. But obviously, it wasn't enough. This type of a wicket does a bit in the morning, and they bowled well under the conditions. Having said that, 200 wasn't enough. We should have made more."

(Thanks for telling us that Mr.Chappell but can you tell us how?)

"The remedy has got to come from within the players"

(Oh yeah. The coach is a guy who cooks food for the players)

"I can't keep giving messages to the Indian cricket fans”

(Thanks. You are so kind. Can I kiss you?)


Travelling Soldier said...

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SAM said...


Its time to kick out Chappel and get someone more experienced and level headed Indian Coach. Is it a coincedence that all the players with whom he has had the opportunity to work with for more than a year have forgotten to do what they were originally selected to do for the Indian Team. Take for Instance one by One

Rahul Dravid Once considered a wall and a technically sound batsman who could also keep wickets. He has forgotten to Bat, He has forgotten to field has dropped vital catches playing as captain for the Indian Team and he has been a miserable captain. Nobody in the Indian team wants to play under his captaincy, he mumbles in press conferences he makes a poor show as a person. Who is to Blame? Greg Chappel thought he would be a Good Captain afterall.

Sachin Tendulkar. Some people call him a blaster some call him Tendlya. But he has failed miserably with the bat.His statistics in South africa test series is 20. One days he has given a poorer account of himself. Well earlier he used to take some pretext of some elbow injury, Back spasm, Tennis elbow etc to avoid such critisism but now he can’t do it because we all know he has actively involved himself to fight for exclusion of Saurav from Team India. Sachin’s situation is Just like Pakeya in The Film Rangeela. why…. ! He is Pakaoing the Indian fans and spectators with no shows, and more importantly you must remember Pakeyas dialogue in Rangeela, where he tells Raja (Aamir) about how he was treated when he proposed to a girl, he says that the girl slapped him with her chappals and then Raja Says ” Agar eisahi chalta Raha Na to bahut Jaldi Ladies Chappal Ka Dukan Kholna Pardenga ” Sachins state is something like this he is continiously trying to propose to the girl which is Indian Cricket and every time spectatators gets no shows. It is a matter of time that spectators will go with Ladies chappals to the stadiums and will help tendlya realize his ultimate nightmare, if he does not tighten his shoe laces. Pimping his cause is Gavaskar but such pimping will stand him no chance in the eyes of Indian Spectators. Now who is to Blame for all this definitely Greg Chappel.

Shewag used to get into the team because of his explosive Batting but now he is accomodated in the team because he can bowl off spin. Thanks Greag you have made a bowler out of an explosive batsman. Now that he has been dropped should teach him a lesson, but he needs to be reinsated in the side at the earliest.

Irfan Pathan was a brilliant bowler, however Greg with his Coaching skills has converted him to a Batsman. Now he has forgotten how to Bowl. Brilliant WOW what Coaching! He was one player who stood by the Coach, when Greg was doing KINKY STUFF which he called experiments, he scored runs batted at whatever position he was asked and contributed to Team Chapell and Dravid. When this guy needed some support from his coach and his Captain he was send back in the middle of a series to “SORT OUT HIS GAME”. Wow Greg you must be a good Coach, Dravid you definitely lead by example “ass-**** you need to sit out of the Indian Team” forever.

Action has been Taken against Shewag and Pathan and why was “ Tendlya” Spared and on what basis does Dravid justify his spot in the WC squad. Is Tendlya spared because he is a Marathi, despite his poor performance he is made the Deputy , Is it because even if he fails several times he can’t be dropped becase he is the “DEPUTY” come on boys. Who will speak in a womans voice in the field apart from Tendlya. We need a woman in Team India thats the closest we have…