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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Boje follows Martyn out of international cricket

I had never known of a player retiring from international cricket only days after a recall to the test side. That was until I read this : S Africa's Boje announces retirement.

If Damien Martyn's retirement decision was surprising then what is this?

Just as the South African selectors announced Boje's name for the test squad and everyone was talking about how happy they were for him, comes this announcement. I thought it has to be every cricketer's dream to represent one's nation; more so when you have been there once and are looking for a comeback.

Mr.Boje. What is on your mind?


Homer said...

was boje pushed? looks like he did not take kindly to haroon lorgat's comments and paul adams' selection.. damien martyn's decision remains a mystery

ugyen said...

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Ananth said...

yeah, homer. lorgat's comments sure was a cause was bojes decision. but still boje was selected for the squad and he still had a chance to prove himself. maybe the decision was too drastic. Anyway him and Paul Adams seem to be SA's only spinning choices and this decision will sure hit SA hard.

Amit Bajaj said...

i am not much clued into the reasons behind boje's decision to retire, but..

not too long back i would have agreed with you completely that it should be the ultimate dream of every cricketer to play for his country...but is cricket just about that? is it not possible that we are playing cricket because we enjoy doing so? is the ultimate dream of every cricket blogger to write for cricinfo? maybe i am stretching this to the extreme..but sometimes it helps one to get the perspective..

maybe boje thinks that he will have more fun playing domestic...maybe he's not enjoying getting clobbered to the stands every time..maybe he has been selected simply because there are no beter options..may be...

Anonymous said...

I think the Martyn retirement was an in house matter. Something happened with Hayden according to this article: