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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Smashing Lara on the verge of Sachin's record

Cricket is made lovely by great players. And Lara has done as much for the game as anyone could have. Many great players have known to have diminished with age. But the way he is playing against Pakistan, Lara only seems to be improving. A 100 of 77 balls(9th fastest in test cricket) and then 96 more runs and many more to come on day 4. The Pakistani quickers and spinners were flogged with equal disdain in a flawless display of authoritative batting. 7 sixes and 21 fours in all.

And by the way this was his 34th century. One more and he equals Sachin Tendulkar’s record of 35 centuries. Two more and he goes past. Given the way he is batting it doesn’t seem  very unlikely. Way ta go Brain.


Anonymous said...

He's awesome - I just wish he had a batting partner with him . It would have been nice if Chanderpaul would have stayed on.

Fancyclown said...

I just wish he was English.

Brave Heart said...

He may cross sachin's test record, but very difficult when it comes to beating sachin's one day record.