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Thursday, November 9, 2006

The pawar sho(ve)w!

Cricket gossip :

What happened was this : Sharad Pawar being the chief guest of the prize distribution function was standing on the dias after awarding the trophy to Ricky. The whole aussie team(uninvited) runs up to the dias to lift the cup. There is a stampede of sorts and Ponting it seems asks Pawar to “please step off the dias” and Martyn “gently pushes” Pawar off the dias. What nerve!

It seems this is what Sharad Pawar has said about the "pushing" incident.
"This is not good at all, but I have decided to play it down because we have an extremely good relationship with the Australian board and we would like for that to keep going. Those players were not allowed to come onto the dais. It was only supposed to be the captain. Certainly I would accept an apology because then we could close this chapter. The Australian board is headed by a respected and civilised man and our relationship is extremely good. If they apologise, it would be a good signal to the people in this country."

James Sutherland, Cricket Australia CEO had said yesterday that the relations between both boards were absolutely fine. "It's unfortunate that there has been an interpretation of disrespect from that. I know that no disrespect was intended by the Australian players; I have spoken to Ricky about it. Perhaps sometimes these things can happen between different cultures.”

The last sentence is interesting. I feel it is important for a visitor to understand the conventions and practices of a host and behave accordingly. It is inexcusable for a guest to claim a “clash of cultures” after he has willingly been a guest. Would any other team have behaves the same way? No way. The Australians at the moment are surely too full of themselves and need to be taught some humility. Right? Hope they fail miserably at the world cup. Woe befall this team on the cricket field. That would hopefully strip them off some of their ego.


13thMan said...

Interesting perspective - perhaps if you Indians learned a little humility yourselves, you wouldn't be seen as uptight wankers. What a ridiculous over-reaction from the lot of you. I'd have thought that, in cricket, the cricketers would be considered more important than the officials. then again, after your vendetta against Hair, it's clear that officials are pretty important to you lot.
My perpective on the Pawar 'incident', which I posted elsewhere:
Australia have won the Champion$ Trophy in India. This was the only major event we hadn't yet won, so it's all good. Of course, the whole tourney is just a money-spinner for the ICC, and in this instance, the Indians, so it's pretty much meaningless. Still - nice to win. Of course, it couldn't happen without controversy, and yet more fucking crying and grandstanding from the Indians. At the presentation ceremony, the speeches went forever, and local pollie and cricket official (possibly the best example yet of how incestuous and over-politicised the BBCI are!) Shahad Pawar wouldn't piss off and leave our boys to it. Apparently, the Indians had only intended for Punter to mount the stage to accept the cup for the team. To them, it appears that the offiicals and sponsors are much more important than the actual sportsmen - and despite this being a team effort, the team weren't to be recognised (probably cut too much into some potentate's moment of glory). The inevitable happened, and the entire team crowded the stage. Pawar looked to be at risk of being swamped, so Damien Martyn committed the cardinal sin of touching Pawar on the shoulder. Now, I saw this: it was a light touch, and seemed more to steer Pawar out of harm's way - the team weren't exactly paying attention to some superfluous official stumbling about the stage. The Indian press went nuts, as they always so if they have the chance to rip into an Australian. One mob of Indian peasants painted a donkey up in our colours, with Damo's name written on it's side. Pawar initially said that there had been nothing in it, but somehow reinterpreted it all a few days after the shocking incident. It then became 'uncivilised' and 'shocking' behaviour. Cricket Australia - spineless worms that they are - ensured that Ponting and Martyn fell on their swords, and peace has now been restored. I'd love to see these principles applied to the podium next AFl Grand Final!

Frankly, CA apologising was an error - there was nothing to apologise for.

Ananth said...

tks for your lovely comment 13th man. I can make a few points here :
1)Yes it was a light touch. But as far as I see Pawar was in no trouble. It is quite clear that he was pushed off stage since he was blocking the cameras. Simple. Now things could hav happened differently. The alternatives were that the Aussies could hav gotten off stage for their celebrations or they could hav requested Pawar to push off or they could hav waited for a few moments before the cameramen themselves would hav politely requested Pawar to "please move". There were so many alternatives available, but we know which one the Aussies chose.

2)And yes money spinning is important. Where would the Champs trophy hav been without money man? Where would cricket hav been without money man?

3)It was the second time the Champs trophy was flawlessly conducted in India. Great ground. Total security. Beautiful facilities. Would it be wrong to take some time out and thank the officials for all those hours that they hav toiled for to make this event the success it has been? Of course you can see things from a money perspective or more from a human perspective. Depends on how you think man. And it is these same officials who felt wronged, who felt they did not recieve the thanks they deserved from the Aus team. So whats wrong in putting in a small apology to iron things out and not allow them to rot. I must say : well done CA and well done Ponting. You hav made the game proud.

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