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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lots of stuff happening dudes!

Cricket and more cricket news: Its going to be a great season of cricket people. The ongoing Pak-windies series & the coming India’s tour of SA and ofcourse the Ashes are going to ensure quality action in the cricketing world.

“The Ashes” is going to be interesting. England is sure a depleted side. No Simon Jones, no Trescothick (the papers say he is suffering from mental stress; does that mean he’s gone mad?), injury problems for Flintoff etc. etc. etc. With the kind of drubbing they got in the Champions trophy at the hands of Australia, I guess they are the minnows here. But the Ashes always induces some sudden spring in the English side and with people like Pietersen and Harmisson in their ranks England is in no way incapable of turning the tables. This is gonna be exciting man. We are all waiting……..      


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