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Friday, November 17, 2006

India's tour of South Africa

Cricket News : India got thrashed at the champions trophy and India again got thrashed at the hands of South African ‘A’ team in their tour opener. What a life these Indian cricketers lead. Wow!!Do no work and get paid in millions. Okay maybe I’m being too harsh. But I’m sick of hoping for a good series victory. But as they say hope is what keeps the world going. So lets hope the Indians return victorious from this tour of South Africa.

The series is sure going to be interesting. The Indians will be tested by some hostile pace and bounce and it remains to be seen how they will contend with it. The ODIs are going to be played first and then the five-day matches. What is going to be interesting is the twenty/20 match scheduled on 1st of December. Indians play very few of these and this one is going to be a rare treat indeed.

These are the fixtures:


South Africa A v Indians

16 Nov


1 Dec

1st ODI

19 Nov

5th ODI

3 Dec

2nd ODI

22 Nov

South Africa A v Indians

7-10 Dec

3rd ODI

Cape Town
26 Nov

1st Test

15-19 Dec

4th ODI

Port Elizabeth
29 Nov

2nd Test

26-30 Dec


3rd Test

Cape Town
2-6 Jan


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