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Thursday, November 23, 2006

India get stomped over

It seemed like a cricket match between Aus and some club team in Uganda. India fell like a very weak pack of cards succumbing to the pace and movement of the Proteas’ seam bowlers. These quickies were really too good man. Sachin was playing so well. He was taking it to Ntini, smashing the cricket ball to the fence with regularity. Then comes Nel and uproots the stumps.

This is the thing with the Proteas’ bowlers. You negotiate one guy and safely put everything in place and in comes another quality quickie who is totally different in style of operation and totally baffles you. It is amazing how all the bowlers can be of such high quality.

All said and done the Indian batting ws pathetic and unforgivable. Sachin was looking Godly before he too fell, and thus fell the only man, apart fom Dravid, who could make a difference. Once Dravid too went then as they say the rest was very forgettable history. All the others: Jaffer, Raina, Kaif, Mongia and to some extent Dhoni are people still finding their feet and such quality bowling was too good for them.

Where is VVS Laxman? With so may youngsters in the side India could hav done with the experience of VVS, i feel. Dunno whats going to happen in the rest of the series. Its a scary feeling, just thinking of it.

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