Saturday, November 25, 2006

Australia indulge in their favourite sport - Pom beating

England are looking hapless at the moment. Day 2 ends and we have had another cricketing day of pure unadulterated Australian dominance. Even Stuart Clark had to smash two consecutive sixes to really show the English what they will have to face for about a month and a half. Ponting & Hussey played like they play all the time, but with an added glint in the eye because they were hitting the ”Poms” this time.

602/9 decl. read the Australian total. Before concluding that the wicket is a batting beauty for that kind of score to be possible, look at what England’s score read like at the end of the day : 53/3. Lo! The pitch has suddenly become a bowlers paradise.

I dont know what the English are going to do now. Pietersen and Flintoff will have to put their hands up now and post big scores. Bell too is capable of hanging around at the wicket and should do just that. All said and done one thing is clear: it is going to take some extraordinary cricket from the English to thwart this Aussie challenge and a great amount of optimism to expect them to do that.

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