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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Agarkar necessary?

Cricket talk : The Champions trophy really did show the Indian fast bowlers in very poor light. In fact I think they were the main reason for India’s cheap ouster in the tournament. Everyone thinks so I guess.

                     I was browsing through cricinfo and came across a piece of news which said Agarkar has recovered from his injury and is available for the SA tour. Now I dont know if this is supposed to be good or bad news. For one thing I suppose he is one of the bowlers who will get flogged more than claim wickets. Till when will the selectors prefer him to others like Zaheer, Nehra and Balaji? Whats happening? Politics? Surely seems so.



Sportingo said...


This is a comment for the earlier articles on the famous shove...I appreciated the further explanantion. I felt like I was still in the dark about the whole event. Would you be interested in publishing any articles?

Ananth said...

tks for stopping by spotlingo. but i dont get you. publishing in exchange for something or what?