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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Aaaaaarrrgggh!! Yet another docile loss for India.

I had made an optimistic post here about how we will see a swing in fortunes for Indian cricket. But the last match tested my optimism to the limit and it finally had to give way. 

I am totally irked by the way the Indians have been playing their cricket for the past few weeks. There seems to be no end to the Indian batting woes. From the first we have heard talks of the SA cricket pitches being bouncy and that in time the Indian cricketers will get adjusted to it. I only see them getting worse. I think it is about quality. India’s batting line up is no longer the feared vanquisher of foes. There are only a handful of good batsmen in the team and when some of them are injured India’s poor bench strength stands exposed. The inclusion of Jaffer and Kaif who were simply not upto the task reflects how less choice the Indian selectors have when it comes to replacements.

With the exception of Dhoni and Pathan, the way we went about with our batting in the 4th ODI cricket match against South Africa was akin to sheep walking into a lion’s lair only to get mercilessly slaughtered. Either of Sehwag or Sachin had to get runs for something to happen. Instead both chose to get out to not-very-menacing deliveries.

The bowlers, however, got their act right with incisive spells from Zaheer, Kumble & Sreesanth. Some good bowling in the death and some very economical bowling by Sehwag and Tendulkar in the middle overs constrained the South Africans to 242, inspite of a well-srtuck 93* by Gibbs and a ferocious 49 by Kallis, who actually did well to comeback from losing 2 quick wickets. But for the Indian batting line up this was just too much.

Look at the FOWs for yesterdays match. No lasting partnerships at all.

FOW : 1-23 (Jaffer, 5.4 ov), 2-24 (Tendulkar, 6.2 ov), 3-38 (Sehwag, 9.3 ov), 4-39 (Kaif, 12.4 ov), 5-82 (Dhoni, 19.5 ov), 6-109 (Karthik, 24.1 ov), 7-128 (Agarkar, 28.2 ov), 8-145 (Khan, 31.1 ov), 9-150 (Kumble, 34.3 ov), 10-163 (Sreesanth, 38.1 ov)

And we are talking about a team which is fancying its chances in the coming ICC Cricket World Cup. I say just forget about it.


Brave Heart said...

Hey Ananth,

I was optimistic about India's recovery as well .. but match by match things are getting worse .. cant really stand the losses.

Dont know what happened to sachin .. with just 3-4 months to go for the world cup cant make out where we are heading.

Ananth said...

Dont know whats happening to the whole team.

but one should have a brave heart and come out fighting, I guess. :-)