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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Why doesn't Gayle smile?

Cricket news : Lemme be frank. I didn’t expect the West Inidans to win. Up against a strong Australian side, they really put up a good performance with Lara leading upfront. I think the highlight of the match was the tight bowling of Samuels and Gayle as much as the heroics of Lara and the Taylor hat-trick.

              Okay the pitch did deteriorate and all that stuff which helped the West Indians. But all said and done the team really looked good and in a fighting spirit. Especially Gayle who seemed unusually irked by something all through the game. I dont know how Gayle manages to be so serious and grim even when the team has won and with all his teammates smiling around him. He really is a comic figure really. I couldnt help laughing even as Gayle was behaving like as though smiling was banned by the ICC. All said and done he is a great man, a solid team player who will really contribute somehow or the other. What a guy! Heee Heee..Hoo..Hooo..Haaa…Haaa..Oh sorry just remembered Gayle’s face when the Windies won.

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