Friday, October 13, 2006

Why do these matches happen at all?

The teams who qualified into the champions trophy are Sri Lanka and West Indies. I am damn sure every guy knew this a long time ago. Zimbabwean team formation involves more politics than Indian elections I guess. Bangladesh is a hopeless team which will "learn from its losses" till eternity.

No one is interested in these matches. The results are known and the matches are too one-sided. Do such matches happen only in cricket? Such a beautiful and interesting game suddenly turns so lacklustre and irritating. These are the freckles that mar the beauty of cricket.

The argument is that how else are the minnows going to learn if they dont play matches against the better teams. Not a bad point actually. Let them learn. Meanwhile let me have a nap and wait for a better match on Oct 15th.

Cricket flash : As type this two well matched teams are fighting for.....well nothing. Some pride maybe and some prize money. The teams : Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. I know you dont care what the scores are but just for the sake of some information...Bangladesh seems to be in an ok position : 205/5 in 45.3. Some guy called Shahriar Nafees has scored a century. God bless him!

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