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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What a guy is Razzaq!!!!!!!

Pak win the match by 4 wickets and 11 balls to spare.

Cricket news : Razzaq! Wowww! He is a merciless butcher. Pak is struggling, needing more than 7 runs per over with not many wickets in hand, when Razzaq strides in. He whacks a few sixes, a few fours and suddenly the match is finished. Chaminda Vaas got smeared with cream and sauce and then devoured. One Vaas over gave some 15 odd runs that turned the match. Of course the 15 runs included a Razzaq super six and a fabulous four.

                         The Lankans made 253 riding on a quickfire start by Sanath Jayasuriya who scored 48 of 35 balls. But Pak got 255 in style riding on “you know who’s”  back. Shoaib Malik too impressed with a mature and skillful performane on the field. But Razzaq O! Razzaq! What a fella he is.    

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