Thursday, October 12, 2006

Gibbs - The dude in question!

Cricket flash : After a long time Herschelle Gibbs arrives in India. And of course what had to happen happened. He was grilled by the Delhi Police for over two hours regarding the match fixing fiasco. Looks like he has revealed three SA names to the police and the police now want to question them. We dont mind this at all, do we?, as long as cricket is not affected. Lagey Raho Delhi Police.

Cricket flash : The BCCI vice-president (who cares what his name is) blasts out against the ICC regarding something in the Member's Participation Agreement. Something in it that would mean lesser money for the people in BCCI, I guess. I cant understand and nor do I want to know what exactly all this hue and cry is about, but God! hope this thing does not mar the Champions Trophy all set to commence on 15th. What do you say?

Cricket flash : By the way Windies won the qualifier against Bang damn easily. Gayle(what a player!) scored an excellent century. They won by 10 wickets. Some 165 odd for no loss. The other guy was Chanderpaul with a typical Chanderpaul fifty of 100 odd baaaaaaaaaallllllls.

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